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Our Terms & Conditions

  1. Be Detailed: When providing project briefings, please include all necessary information. Any additional requests or changes not mentioned in the original briefing may incur extra charges.
  2. Pronunciation Guide: Offer clear guidelines for pronunciation, either through phonetic spelling or audio. Pronunciation-based revisions are chargeable. You can use phonetic spelling or offer an audio recording.
  3. Delivery: Standard delivery includes a single take of the script unless stated otherwise.
  4. Ownership: All creative work remains the intellectual property of LFM Audio until payment is complete. Usage of working files, music, and creative concepts is restricted without our written consent.
  5. Jingle Packages: Understand that other stations worldwide may use both Composed and Resung Jingle Packages
  6. AI Restrictions: Our voice talents’ voices or likenesses may not be used for AI-related activities without prior authorization.
  7. Editing and Reproduction: Our products, except for Video Voiceovers, are not licensed for editing or reproduction.
  8. Delivery Method: We will digitally deliver the audio via a download link. Please note that we do not upload audio to phone systems.
  9. Overdue Accounts: Late payments may result in collection fees, interest, and legal costs.
  10. Cancellation & Adjustments: Once a project is initiated, any cancellation or changes will incur additional charges.
  11. Club Top 40: This is a subscription product; please email to cancel and settle any outstanding balance beforehand.
  12. Moral and Legal Standards: We reserve the right to decline scripts that violate our standards or those of our voice talents.
  13. Voice Talent Conditions: Voice Talents we offer are non-market exclusive. The Voice Talent is a contractor to us and may decline a project. In this situation, an alternate voice talent will be provided. There may be instances where they are not available.
  14. Project Delays: While we strive to meet our typical delivery timeframes, delays can occur due to multiple parties being involved, such as Voice Talents, Script Writers, and Producers.
  15. Subscription Price Changes: Prices for subscription-based imaging may change from time to time. If a price change occurs, you will be given the opportunity to cancel any ongoing contract without penalties at that time.
  16. Intellectual Property: All work created by LFM Audio on your behalf remains our intellectual property. You are granted an exclusive license to use the work but cannot decompose, deconstruct, copy, or reproduce it without our written consent. Both parties agree not to infringe on each other’s intellectual property or copyrights.
  17. Co-Branding: We grant each other an unlimited license to use company marks, images, trademarks, and slogans for promotional purposes during the term of this agreement. Both parties will use these assets responsibly.
  18. Display and Use of LFM Audio’s Work: By default, we give you permission to display, play, market, advertise, or present the work created by LFM Audio on your behalf. However, you are not entitled to any royalties for jingles we have created for you.
  19. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes will be governed by New Zealand law and will be resolved within its jurisdiction.
  20. Governing Law: This agreement is governed by the laws of New Zealand. Both parties acknowledge reading and understanding the terms of this agreement.
  21. Payment: Invoices must be paid within the specified terms. If payment is not made on time, we may engage a debt collection agency and add interest to the account. All debt collection costs will be passed on to the client. We are reasonable and friendly, but our producers and voice talents deserve to be paid for their work. By placing an order, you agree to these payment terms.
  22. Liability: LFM Audio is not liable for delays or damages that are beyond our control.

By placing an order with LFM Audio, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.


Refund Policy

We are committed to delivering high-quality services. Once a project is initiated, refunds and cancellations are not permissible except in cases of non-delivery or significant pronunciation errors on our part.